Posted by Apex Home Loans ● July 16, 2020

Is It A Good Time To Buy My First Home?

You May be Wondering if it is a Good Time to Buy

You are not alone if you are trying to decide if it is the time to buy a home or rent a home. There are several aspects to think about when it comes to buying a home. Some might wonder if it makes sense to purchase a house before they get married or start a family, some might think they are too young, and still, some others might think their current incomes would never enable them to qualify for a mortgage.

We want to share what the typical first-time homebuyer actually looks like based on the National Association of Realtors’ most recent Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers. Here are some interesting revelations on the first-time buyers:

  • First-time buyers make up 40% of all home buyers.
  • First-time buyers are a critical component for a sustainable housing recovery.
  • First-time buyers are important when boosting sales, especially during downturns.

Bottom Line

You may not be much different than many people who have already purchased their first home. Your dream home could be within grasp without you knowing it. Let us connect today to determine if that is the case.


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