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First-time Homebuyers

The tools and guidance to get started, including:

Free resources. Learn everything you need to know to get started buying your first home with our complimentary guides, checklists and videos. Whether you’re looking to brush up on mortgage terms, want to learn all about credit scores, or simply need a list of documents you’ll need to get started, we have you covered.

Complimentary consultations. Do you have a financial plan in place to buy your first home? Our Mortgage Bankers are prepared to help you with just that: they can check your credit, pinpoint your financing options, answer any questions you have, and much more.

Been-There Buyers

You've been through the process before, learn how Apex can close your loan quickly and cleanly with:

A streamlined process. With full in-house control over underwriting and processing, Apex makes all of your loan decisions on-site. What does this mean for you? Apex customers enjoy the often-absent benefits of a transparent process that maximizes accountability, responsiveness, and personal service.

Nearly 20 years’ experience. Working with an expert in your local housing market reduces the difficulties that can arise when financing decisions are made outside your region. We can help you get the home of your dreams without a hitch, just as we’ve helped many others.

Homeowners Looking to Refinance

The expertise to put you in the best financial position possible through:

Customized solutions. The mortgage experts at Apex can analyze your specific financial situation and select a refinancing plan that meets your goals perfectly. Looking to lower your mortgage payment, perform an adjustable to fixed-rate loan conversion, or consolidate debt? We can help with those and more.

Educated perspective. Even if you’re simply weighing your options, our Mortgage Bankers can provide a better idea of whether interest rates, home values, and other timing factors are currently working in your favor. Since the majority of our Mortgage Bankers are also Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists (CMPS), they are trained to put your financing decisions in a larger financial context. By consulting with them, you’ll know exactly how—and when—refinancing will benefit your overall wealth in the long term.

Business Partners

New customers, enhanced services, and better retention through:

A referral partnership. Apex aligns with real estate agents, financial advisors, certified public accountants, and legal professionals to fulfill our borrowers’ frequent and varied needs. What’s more, a partnership with us also affords you entrance to exclusive events, access to continuing education credits, and much more.

Delighted and aware customers. After a customers’ loan transaction is completed, our job continues with our appreciation programs. In addition to the gifts-of-gratitude we supply all of our borrowers, we can also provide you with access to the powerful marketing tools we use to stay in touch and gather feedback from them after their financing is in place.

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