Discovering MoCo: Best Orchards & Pumpkin Patches

Posted by Becca Donahue on October 20, 2017


Winery outings, fall fashion, cooler weather, and outdoor activities are a few of the reasons why I love the fall season. But, of all the fun fall festivities you can enjoy, my favorite pass-times are trips to orchards and pumpkin patches for a memorable day of family bonding and good food. Check out some of the best orchards and pumpkin patches in Montgomery County by planning a weekend outing to one of these fall destinations!

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4 Things Loan Officers Must Consider When Choosing a Workplace

Posted by Craig Meaney & Thomas Moody on October 16, 2017

Are you a Loan Officer new to the industry who wants to love the mortgage company you choose to work for? Make sure these areas are covered! Maybe you’ve been with the same company for a couple years now, and are considering making a switch. Here are some super helpful aspects of your prospective employer to consider.

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How to Shop for VA Loans: 3 Essential Comparisons

Posted by Brian Willingham on September 19, 2017

As a veteran and a loan officer for over 15 years, I love VA loans and helping my fellow vets use this awesome benefit when buying a home. There are, however, a few essential considerations when you choose this loan type, so after years of originating VA loans, I thought I'd share my top three to help you compare your options:

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10 Resourceful Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage

Posted by Craig Meaney on September 13, 2017

Reverse mortgages are used by hundreds of thousands of older Americans, but this mortgage type doesn't often catch the limelight. There are a few reasons why. Most notably, reverse mortgages (also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages) simply aren't right for everyone, and in the past, they lacked the protections they now have built in. While there are a few drawbacks of this mortgage type, like less equity for your heirs, today's HECMs are a viable option for retirement success, they're highly regulated, and they can offer an excellent solution to cashflow problems in several situations.

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Top 4 Myths for Giving Your Child a Down Payment Gift

Posted by Craig Meaney on September 1, 2017

Providing financial assistance to your adult children is the simplest way to help them buy a home, but how much can you give, and what are the tax consequences of doing so? To help combat the misconceptions of helping with a down payment,  we round up the top four myths of gift-giving to set your mind at ease.

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