Posted by Craig Meaney ● September 20, 2016

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Home?


The freedom and security that come from owning a home often go unnoticed. Putting down roots frees you from rising rent, but it also grants you so much more. Owning a home lets you live with your loved ones, plan financially, and grow your family like never before. As a direct mortgage lender with 18 years’ experience serving counties throughout Maryland, VA, DE and beyond, we’re proud to help people achieve homeownership—and we value the freedoms it allows them.

The benefits of homeownership await you

The benefits of homeownership are countless. Here are some financial, social, and personal advantages for you to consider before taking the plunge:

• Enjoy tax benefits. Not only may you be able to deduct mortgage interest* on your tax return (in most cases), but you will never have to worry about sky-high rent costs again.

• Build equity. Over time, owning a home will increase your assets. You can then leverage your capital using equity loans. Equity loans have significantly lower interest rates than credit cards. They are ideal for home improvements, debt consolidation, and education.

• Become part of a community. Settling into one area allows you and your loved ones to build long-lasting relationships and connections with members of the community.

• Delight in pride of ownership. Relish the freedom to treat your space however you please.

Learn how Apex is empowering first-time homebuyers with the tools they need to tackle the process with ease.


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