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Apex Experience - Reputation Matters - By: Steve Dorfman, cXo

Reputation Matters

“Aren’t all mortgage lenders basically the same?”

I was catching up with an old acquaintance recently – maybe you can relate to him. He’d thought of a mortgage as nothing more than a commodity … that is, until his 2020 experience.

“Why would it matter who handles or holds my mortgage?  Isn't it just a place I make monthly payments to… and that's it?  Aren't all lenders basically the same?"


Understandable assumptions. Once you have closed on a mortgage loan (also known as the settlement), payments will be due each month and life will go on. Set it and forget it, right?

But it’s what happens during the weeks-long (or even months-long) mortgage process that can cause you to look back on it as a smooth, friendly, and seamless process … or (not so uncommonly) as a major hassle, or even a total nightmare.

My friend went on to share that his refinance experience with a well-known national lender dragged on for 9 months and they weren’t even able to honor his rate and terms for the duration. Delays, poor communication, over promising, consistent errors, and months of wondering whether he’d ever close on his loan. But was his experience the exception? Not at all. For example, check out these recent survey comments from an Apex customer:

“My last experience through another provider was horrible and I dreaded it. But I'm so glad that I trusted Apex … this time. Along with the whole team at my disposal for any concerns or questions this was by far the easiest refi I have done. Thanks for all your help.” -Leslie H., Forest, VA


We see it all the time – customers telling us of the contrast they’ve experienced. As it turns out, reputation does matter. It matters a lot!

Don’t you owe it to yourself to partner with a team who cares for their customers, provides expert guidance, anticipates your needs, and works tirelessly to keep things moving forward … while also keeping their promises?

“Courteous, timely, great communication the epitome of under promise and over deliver. Don’t know how it could have been any better or more professional!” -George M., Taylors, SC

Can you see how reputation becomes critical? Thankfully, we live in an age of transparency. When consumers are happy enough, they might post a positive online review. When displeased, feeling let down (or worse), they’re even more eager to post a negative review.

Did you know that the second most popular search term among consumers is a company’s name followed by the word, “Reviews?” Do yourself a favor: Google the term, “Apex Home Loans Reviews” and just see what pops up. (We should all be doing the same for any service provider.)

Notice how thousands of previous Apex customers are doing more than giving a high star rating – they are gushing about their experience, giving the details of what mattered most to them, and often naming names. Here’s one recent example that we feel sums it up nicely:

“Everyone was a joy to work with! Everything worked seamlessly, like a well-oiled machine, but with a definite human touch.” -Elena B., Falls Church, VA

Once you’ve chosen to proceed with a lender, it’s not so easy to jump ship when things turn sour. By that time, you’ve already invested a good deal of your time gathering and submitting all the necessary financial paperwork. It’s vital that you don’t make a mistake when choosing (and thereby entirely trusting) a team with your home loan. As you might imagine, you’ll want to choose wisely.


Bottom Line for Homebuyers

A mortgage company is more than just an avenue to get your home financed.  Reputation matters.

† Source: (as of April 2021)
* NPS (Net Promoter Score) measures customers' likelihood of recommending a business.

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