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The One-Weekend Guide to Preparing Your Home for Winter

preparing your home for winter

This time of year is busy for everyone, but it's truly an opportune time to cross those last-minute maintenance items off your homeowner to-do list if you can carve out a weekend.. After all, practicing preventive care inside and outside your home can save thousands of dollars in repairs come later this winter. Check out our brief checklist to get you started! 

Home Exterior Maintenance:

Inspect exterior lights and outlets. Check that none of the outlets are cracked, broken, or have exposed wires. While you're at it, tackle the following:

  • Clean gutters and clear all blockages. If leaves are falling, redo after leaves are off all trees.

  • Inspect and test outdoor railings and stairs.

  • Have problem trees trimmed, including those that may damage your home in a storm.

  • Protect outdoor water faucets from freezing. Consider using foam cups, sold at hardware stores.

Home Interior Maintenance

  • Change batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Even if they're not dead, this will help ensure they remain in working order through the winter months!

  • Vacuum refrigerator condenser coils, plus the front bottom grill. Empty and clean the drip pan. 

  • Inspect wood stoves and fireplace inserts. Hire a certified chimney sweeper to clean the chimney, if needed.

  • Insulate bare water pipes running through your home to prevent freezing and to limit condensation on cold-water lines.

  • Inspect automatic garage door opener. Lubricate chains according to manufacturer's instructions. Make sure bolts and screws are properly tightened and secured.

Home Maintenance is a Four-season Job

While home maintenance is a four-season job, this month is mostly about preparing for colder weather. Just remember,  an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Seasonal home maintenance often prevents small issues from turning into larger more expensive issues!  If your routine maintenance uncovers larger issues such as a faulty HVAC unit, or a leaking faucet, for example, seek professional help to make the repair.  If you need a referral don't hesitate to contact us.  

Looking for more tips for winter-time success? Learn how to save on your heating bill, or check out our tips for selling your home in the colder months!


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