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The Homebuying Process

146024173Home ownership has always been a major aspect of the American dream.  Regardless of your home buying experience, buying a home can be an overwhelming process. Understanding the steps of this process will help make the experience more manageable and enjoyable. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve worked with many families to help achieve their homeownership goals and wanted to share the full process and some tips! Now is a great time to buy a home, here are the steps to get you into the home of your dreams: 

  1. Start saving towards your down payment
  2. Set a personal budget
  3. Get pre-qualified/pre-approved: Give us a call! We’ll set up an appointment to meet and review your employment/income/assets/debts and pull your credit report to determine the loan size you qualify for, and the type of loan program that meets your needs. Getting pre-approved not only helps you shop smarter because you know your finance options before shop, but it also strengthens your offer and lets the seller know you're serious. More to come on the importance of pre-approvals in a future blog!
  4. Pick a Realtor: Your agent will represent you throughout the entire transaction beginning with determining the area in which you want to live and showing you homes in that area that fit your needs at your pre-approved price range, to writing and negotiating the best price for your purchase. They’ll even help manage all of the required vendors (home inspection, pest inspection, septic, handling the repairs, removing contract contingencies, scheduling a final walk through) until the date of your closing. If you currently don’t have a realtor, I’d be happy to recommend one to you.
  5. Finalize your loan: Once you have a ratified sales contract, your next step would be to work with my team and I on the following:
    1. We’ll prepare the loan application and disclosures with all current information as of the date we meet
    2. Order title
    3. Order the appraisal
    4. Review the sales contract and disclosures to make sure you are in compliance with our lender’s guidelines
    5. Order homeowner’s insurance
    6. Process the loan application – obtain third party confirmations on all documents you provided to qualify for the loan in order to verify their accuracy
    7. Submit the loan to our in-house underwriting department for loan approval
    8. At this point, the underwriting department may request any additional documentation required
    9. Once those documents are obtained, we’ll resubmit the loan to underwriting for a clear loan approval
    10. We’ll send  the settlement company loan closing instructions and review the final HUD-1 settlement statement for accuracy
    11. Review the settlement statement line by line to make sure you have no additional questions 
    12. Wire closing funds to the settlement company
  6. Go to closing: Our last step is to meet with all parties on the contract at the closing company to review and sign your closing papers. This is your chance to ask the seller any last minute questions about the home, and when you’ll receive the keys to your new home!

If you’re considering a move, contact one of our mortgage bankers who will be happy to walk through the home buying process with you one on one. 

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