Posted by Craig Meaney ● February 6, 2017

SmartCEO Highlights Apex Among Best-Run Companies!

Best Run Photo - Sunglasses.jpgYou can't take a spot among the best-run without taking the time to have some fun, am I right? Surely you can appreciate by the photos I've included here that the leadership at Apex is certainly not afraid to let loose a little, but what makes them truly great are the ideas, attitudes, and groundedness that they carry into every initiative, every time. 

And it's not just me who sees it this way. Organizations are routinely taking notice of the innovative approach from the leaders here at Apex's helm. Best Run Graphic.pngMost recently, SmartCEO; but before them, Rockville Chamber of Commerce, Rockville Economic Development, Inc., and Washington Business Journal — but I digress. Let's talk specifics. SmartCEO's Best Run Book in which our C-level staff recently shed light on their approach is, "a compilation of the best business stories and ideas from the Mid-Atlantic's best-run companies," according to the magazine. The publication touts the strategic vision, fast-growth, and community-service mindset of the companies profiled therein, and Apex was honored to be included with a profile titled, "Improving the Mortgage Approval Process."  You can also catch a quick 22-second SmartCEO interview with our CEO and CXO here.

Partners Selfie.jpgWhat you'll find in Apex's profile are some common themes we strive toward as a company. Superior customer experiences. Continuous improvement. Not working within a vacuum. Great bacon. But what I find especially relevant after my humble two-year tenure isn't the consistency of the message from our leaders here at the company, or even the clarity with which it's communicated. To me, the proof-of-prowess lies in the follow-through you just don't see unless you're on the team. It's the welcoming committee when you're brought on board, the $100 stipend to make your office space your own, the personalized name plate with a quippy quote you get to choose, the encouragement to communicate suggestions, the in-office community outreach opportunities, and the general undercurrent of positivity, support, and mutual respect. I could go on, but I think you get it. It's about culture, which starts at the top.

And when it comes to company culture, talk is cheap — It's the action that counts. And I think if there's one thing our leaders at Apex know for sure, it's that.

Oh, and of course, they know how to have a little fun.

 Apex Breaks 100 Employee Mark  

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