Posted by Adam Chasen ● August 1, 2016

Top Strategies to Sell Your Poplar Run Home Quickly


Apex Note: This blog is part of a series we're doing with some of our real estate partners spotlighting some of the great communities in our area!  Thanks to Adam Chasen with Weichert Realtors for this great piece on Poplar Run. 

We are in a fast-moving market in the Washington Metro Area, which has been jump-started again this summer.  It is more important than ever for sellers to have their home in optimal position to sell when it first reaches the marketplace.

Inventory for buyers are at historic lows in the area, so it is a GREAT time to get your home on the market if you are on the fence about selling.  Poplar Run is flooded with potential buyers every weekend, and well-priced homes are selling fast.  I know: I live and work here as your Poplar Run Real Estate Expert.

Besides, the pool is open, and Poplar Run is lush with green grass and open space to show what a fabulous lifestyle could be had when moving to our beautiful neighborhood.

Here are some helpful tips to optimize the value of your home:

  1. Always meet with a Real Estate expert to find out the value of your home and the trends in the marketplace that may affect your pricing.
  2. Clear any clutter, take down pictures, and remove items from countertops and desks.
  3. Touch-up painting can be done fairly cheaply and is a great way to have your home shine for potential buyers.
  4. Mow the lawn, pull weeds, and wet mulch for optimal curb appeal.
  5. Price the home for competition. Pricing to optimize the number of views and visits will help you obtain the highest possible competition, drive your sales price up, and help you sell faster! Putting a home on the market at the wrong price point will up your time on the market and lessen your total takeaway amount, even after a price correction.
  6. Most important of all: do it right the first time! It will end up hurting your chances of receiving top dollar if you place your home on the market before reaching optimal showing condition.  The same goes for pricing.  You may only have one shot for buyers to lay eyes on your home in photos and in person, so make sure your home shines!

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