Posted by Apex Home Loans ● March 21, 2011

New Home Sales Crater In January, Opening The Door For Deals With Builders

New Home Sales (Jan 2010 - Jan 2011) Not all housing reports are sunny, it seems. In its monthly New Home Sales release, the U.S. Department of Commerce showed a 13 percent drop-off in annualized new construction sales between the months of December and January. It's the biggest one-month drop in New Home Sales since May 2010. In addition, the supply of new homes for sale spiked higher to 7.9 months last month.  "Home supply" is defined as the amount of time it would take to sell the complete "for sale" inventory at the current pace of sales. In December, the supply measured just 7.0 months, Don't fret the news, however. For buyers of new construction in Washington, DC , falling New Home Sales figures can be terrific. Weaker markets put pressure on the nation's home builders to sell their respective homes more quickly. To reach that goal, builders often discount prices and/or offer free upgrades to buyers.  Some of that action may already be in effect. Despite falling volume, the New Home Sales report showed that new homes are selling faster than in recent months. The median time required to sell a newly-built home dropped to 7.8 months in January -- a figure well below January 2010's reading of 13.9 months. It suggests that builders are getting better at locating buyers, and moving property. Therefore, if you're shopping for a new construction and see one worth buying, get to it. Not only will the home likely sell soon if it's priced right, but an increase in mortgage rates will make the home more expensive to finance. Every 0.250% increase to rates adds $15 monthly per $100,000 borrowed.

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