Posted by Apex Home Loans ● June 9, 2011

Moving To A New City? See How Much Your Cost Of Living Will Change.

Cost of Living varies from town to townIt's a fact: It's more expensive to live in some cities than others. Beyond just the costs of buying a home, different cities also carry a different Cost of Living. For households relocating from DC and  across state lines, the change in "life costs" can be jarring. Depending on where you live, everyday expenses -- from groceries to gasoline -- make a different-sized dent in a household budget. And now you can see in numbers by how much your expenses might change. Visit's Cost of Living Comparison Calculator.  The Cost of Living Comparison calculator is as basic as it is thorough. The calculator asks just 3 questions --  (1) Where do you live now, (2) To what city are you moving, and (3) What is your salary -- and uses your answers to produce a detailed, 60-item cost comparison between the two towns. The city-to-city cost comparisons include:

  • Dry Cleaning Costs
  • Total Energy Costs
  • Beauty Salon Costs
  • Movie Costs
  • Dentist Visit Costs

The list also features a mortgage rate comparison, and a comparison of local home prices. The Cost of Living calculator is based on data from the ACCRA. On the ACCRA website, a similar report sells for $5. At, the information is free.

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