Posted by Meredith Starr ● July 19, 2016

Local Spotlight: The Project that Takes Rockville by Storm


At Apex Home Loans, we strive to give back to the Rockville community that houses our headquarters. We tend to get excited when we see local projects that shed light upon issues in a creative manner. We wanted to highlight one that really got our attention: The Rockville Storm Drain Mural Project not only spreads a great message, but also accents the beautiful things we love about the area, such as native plants and animals, plus local talent!

The City of Rockville and VisArts are sponsoring a new project called the Rockville Storm Drain Mural Project. The initiative calls upon the talented local artists to paint murals that raise awareness to how what we allow to go into storm drains impacts the health of local waterways. Storm drains are misused when people pour pollutants down them such as oil, paint, pesticides and antifreeze. Those pollutants poured down storm drains in your community feed into our local creeks, harming the environment and eventually reaching our beloved Chesapeake Bay.

The City of Rockville and VisArts clearly saw a need to create awareness about this issue, and what a creative way to do so! We look forward to seeing how many people stop to look at the murals and learn about how pollutants affect our local environment and the earth in general. Learn more about the Rockville Storm Drain project here.

Want to help? You don’t have to be an artist to raise awareness! The City is encouraging elementary and middle school aged students to help spread their anti-pollution message by marking storm drains with a sticker.  You can learn more about this initiative by clicking here.While the mural project is geared more towards younger activists and families, it isn’t the only one around striving to save the environment. The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is also doing its best to create awareness about this issue. They too are encouraging people to volunteer to mark Montgomery County storm drains in an effort to create a greener place to live. Want your own Storm Drain marking kit for free? Click here.

As Apex Home Loans expands our community outreach efforts to include environmental awareness, we want to hear about local initiatives you’re passionate about! Let us know of projects we should highlight or sponsor by dropping us a line here.

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