Posted by Apex Home Loans ● February 10, 2021

Learning A Lesson About Work From Home

Apex Tutoring

We’re closing in on a year of working from home, and I think we can all agree that it’s more challenging than we all thought. Yes, we love wearing PJ’s all day long, and not losing time on I-270, but the struggle is real. This is especially true for our colleagues that have school-age children at home. They’re not just processing paperwork or any of their normal tasks. They’re adding educator to their daily responsibilities. This is a real challenge for those that haven’t done calculus or Spanish for a number of years (if ever).

But we as a company are listening, learning, and adapting. To help fill the gaps caused by virtual school, we reached out to our customers that are teachers to see if they would be available for tutoring the kids of Apex. We received an overwhelming response from teachers available to help, and so far over 100 hours of tutoring services have been provided to the parents of Apex. They’re covering subjects ranging from algebra to world history.

“The parents of Apex Home Loans are getting hit from both sides due to Covid. They’ve had to supplement their child’s education with their own time. But at work, they’re busier than ever before because of the refi rush, and solid home sales in our area. This is what makes us a family here at Apex, and what helped us secure a spot on Energage’s 2021 list of top places to work.” says CEO Craig Strent.

The Apex tutoring program lasts until school resumes as normal. Interested in working at Apex? Check out our careers page here.


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