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How is my credit score determined?

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Credit scores are driving forces for nearly everything these days.  A low credit score may mean having to put a deposit down when opening utilities or not being able to obtain new credit for an auto loan, credit cards or a new home.  With a low credit score you can also count on higher rates on any new financing.  Here’s a breakdown of how your credit score is derived:

  1. Payment History – 35% Impact – Paying debt on time and in full are positive marks on your credit report.  Late payments, collections and judgments all have a negative impact on your credit score.
  2. Outstanding Credit Card Balances – 30% Impact – A high outstanding balance compared to the available credit can have a big impact on your score, especially if multiple accounts have balances that exceed 50% of the available credit.
  3. Credit History – 15% Impact – The longer you have credit the better your score.
  4. Type of Credit – 10% Impact – A mix of loans (auto, student, credit)  is always better than having a high concentration of one type of loan, especially credit cards
  5. Inquiries – 10% Impact – This is based on how many people have pulled your credit in the last 12 months.  If you pull your own credit there is not an impact to your score.

There are quite a number of credit sites that will monitor your credit scores/report for you.  You can also access a free credit report from each bureau through once a year.  For a more information on the points above you can click here. Feel free to also visit us online to try our mortgage calculators, request a copy of our insider's guide to credit scoring and home financing, request a copy of our homebuyers guide or get started on your mortgage application!

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