Posted by Apex Home Loans ● June 11, 2020

Homeownership is a Good Investment, and Most Americans Agree!

Americans Powerful Belief

The Federal Reserve Bank (AKA The Fed) recently released their 2019  Survey of Consumer Expectations Housing Survey. The survey reported that 65% of Americans believe homeownership is a good financial investment. Since 2014, the percentage has increased by over nine percent.

Chart: Percentage of Americans who see homeownership as a good investment

The Fed’s survey also showed that when the results are broken down by age, education, income, or region of the country, more than 55% of Americans in each category see homeownership as a good investment. This coincides with a recent Gallup survey of Americans which revealed that real estate was their number one choice for the best long-term investment when compared to stocks, savings accounts or gold.

Bottom Line

Americans continue to believe residential real estate is a good financial investment. Contact us today to take your next steps toward homeownership!  


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