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Has Remote Work Changed Your Home Needs?

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Due to uncountable changes over the last year, homeowners all over the country have realized that their home needs are changing. Are you looking for a change in scenery or a larger home office? One reasons for this is due to remote work. Now is a great time to find a home that helps your fast changing needs.

Working from Home Isn’t a Passing Fad

Before the pandemic came into full effect, only 21% of individuals worked from home full-time. This isn’t the case today. If working from home is your new normal, you aren’t the only one.

Statista and Upwork’s survey of hiring managers projects that 37.5% of U.S. workers will work remotely in some capacity over the next five years. The chart below goes into more depth about this matter.

Remote Work Has Changed Our Home Needs. Is It Time for Your Home To Change, Too? | MyKCM

Working from Home Gives You More Flexibility and Options

Do you fall into the category that works from home? If so, then you already know that working from home provides you with opportunities that you wouldn’t have if you were tied to your office location. And, if you know you’ll continue to work remotely, you now can move to any location!

If you are one of the nearly 23% of workers who will remain 100% remote, this gives you the option to move to a lower cost-of-living area, or you can go big and move to the place you’ve been dreaming about! Finding a home in a more affordable area may give you the ability to buy a house that you can truly make your own. The lower cost-of-living area can provide more room in your budget for renovations or improvements like building or enhancing your home office. Or maybe you’re not tied to your current location and working from home has inspired you to find a new home in your dream location. Perhaps this destination is further away at the beach or in the mountains?

Or maybe you are one of the almost 15% of workers who will continue to have a partially remote or hybrid work schedule. This schedule may be encouraging you to move to a different location within a wider radius of your office. If you know you won’t be in the office full-time anymore, a longer commute from a dreamier area, will be a great tradeoff for a home with features that better suit your new needs!

Bottom Line For Homebuyers

Are you one of the people that found remote work made an impact on your current home? Whether you’re ready to move to your dream location or are just looking for a house that better accommodates your new home needs, now is a great time to make a move! Connect with our team today to get you started on the homebuying journey!


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