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Appiness! Create a More Perfect Home with These 5 Apps

phone apps for your home

These days there seems to be an app for just about everything! I’m certainly not complaining here – the more help, the merrier! From beauty to food to lifestyle to cars and everything else in between, Google Play and the App Store have done it all. But what especially tickles our toes here at Apex Home Loans is the abundant supply of everything home (and I mean everything!) apps. However, in a sea of thousands of well-marketed applications, it can be difficult to find the best ones to do the trick. We’ve got you covered.


Ever get really excited about a piece of furniture only to buy it and find out it doesn’t fit? Say no more, MagicPlan is your solution. The app allows you to quickly draw up accurate floor plans of your home and lets you add in furniture so you can see a realistic representation without any serious commitment. Feel free to play around with different room set ups and see which one sits the best with you. You can design your whole room from the comfort of your bed – technology is great.


Homeowner or not, you NEED Pinterest. But if you do happen to be a lucky homeowner, then Pinterest is even that much more of a God send for you. With what seems like an endless reserve of inspiration on inspiration, Pinterest will get you on the fast track for a home update. Furniture, paint colors, décor inspo and cheap DIYs are only the beginning. And if somehow that isn’t enough for you, then Houzz is the “Home” section of Pinterest on steroids. It has the largest database of inspiring home design ideas and was ranked “best app for home improvement” by the New York Times. Need I say more?


If switching up the décor isn’t enough to satisfy you and you have resolved that you need to start over with a new home all together, then Dwellr is for you. This app allows users to discover new cities in America by matching high-quality statistics with the user’s location to introduce to them new relocation possibilities. From the results of an initial, short survey about preferences, Dwellr provides a list of top places to live that are ideal for them. Finding a location that suits your lifestyle is half the battle, and with Dwellr, house hunting doesn’t always have to be so scary.


I don’t know about you, but finding a handyman, plumber, painter etc. is a lot harder than it sounds for me. Until very recently, I was convinced that a reputable, dependable electrician was a complete myth. Then Porch happened. This app has you fill out a simple questionnaire and then matches you to a local worker who can get the job done. All vendors have been background checked by Porch and you can pay them directly through the app. Seamless. Easy. Much needed.

Zillow Digs

While Zillow Digs is very much like Pinterest and Houzz in the sense that it is a “home improvement lookbook,” this app still sets itself apart with a few, unique upgrades. While not only providing design ideas, Zillow Digs also provides extra insight on renovation projects to users by allowing them to search by cost, style, and more. And it doesn’t end there. The app allows you to order products directly through them and gives price estimates for everything else. If you aren’t already halfway to the app store, you should be.

With one or more of these apps, you’ll be taking your place from house to home in no time at all. And when you’re all done, make sure you post it on Pinterest so I can get an idea or two.

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