Who's Managing Your Largest Asset?

Most people believe that once they purchase a home, they are on their own to effectively manage their newest and largest asset. Our goal is to change that mindset, and show homeowners they don't have to do it alone. That's why we've created our TotalHome program, an all-inclusive experience for home buyers and owners who desire a more insightful and extensive relationship with their mortgage. This program was built with the intention to provide our customers with the confidence and support needed to become expert homeowners. Meaning that we are not only with you on your way to homeownership, we remain by your side during your entire journey of homeownership.

If you are looking for more than just a mortgage, TotalHome may be the perfect program for you by providing a true partnership rather than just a transactional, one-time relationship. From our initial kick-off conversation to monitoring the market and calling out money-saving opportunities, we’ve got you covered during the life of your loan. Let’s take a look at everything you will gain access to through TotalHome…

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Your All-Inclusive Homebuyer Toolbox.

We believe that providing resources and educational tools to our customers is a vital part of helping them feel confident and knowledgeable in their home financing decisions.

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Unlock valuable market data, wealth-building insights, and a completely personalized buying analysis to get the most value for your money. 


Search millions of homes based on what matters to you. Set your own parameters and receive mobile alerts when your ideal home becomes available.

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Run payment scenarios and generate your pre-approval letter (within the parameters that your mortgage team set for you) for a specific property in a matter of seconds.

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Understand how your mortgage can build long-term financial wealth and how different loan options affect your financial position
over time.

Your Homeowner Toolbox

Once your loan closes with Apex, our relationship will only continue to grow stronger. We will monitor your loan through its entirety, whether that be one year or 30 years, to call out potential money-saving opportunities and help you keep track of how your mortgage compares to the current market. Let’s dive into your homeowner toolbox…

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Our team will go over what you can expect from us for the next 30+ years so that you and your family are properly navigating and utilizing your real estate finances.

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Let our team show you how to build wealth over time through the real estate you already own and ensure that you are maximizing the potential of your property.


Achieve peace of mind and eliminate common homeowner headaches all while improving your overall home value through this suite of tools.


Even small changes in rates can have a huge monetary impact over the life of your loan. Keeping tabs on the mortgage market isn’t part of people’s everyday lives... that’s why we do it for you!

The Apex Advantage

Partnering with Apex is homeownership done better. We offer a bundle of tools and services that are exclusively available to our customers to give you special advantages against competing homebuyers and even throw in some fun surprises throughout your journey!



Thank you to Peter and the team at Apex Home Loans for helping us through the loan process for our beautiful new home!

Matt K.
Thank you Apex Home Loans for helping us with our first home purchase! Rob and I are so grateful for all of your guidance and expertise.
Amanda W.

We are officially homeowners.🥂 Frederick, here we come. Special thanks to Apex Home Loans for making magic happen. 🎉

Brianna M.

We are home! Glad to put down roots in one of my favorite neighborhoods 🙂 Thanks to Apex Home Loans for everything! Highly recommend if you are looking to buy in this crazy market!

Colleen S.

So we finally bought Barley a yard and it came with this big house! 🐶❤️ A special thanks to our realtor Nathalie and Apex Home Loans for taking such good care of us through the process.

Corey & Michelle

Thank you Apex for a streamlined and professional process. Craig and his team helped me close on my new home in less than 30 days. Wow!

Maria D.

Get the TotalHome Experience with the CS Team

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