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Toni Hill

Senior Mortgage Banker | NMLS ID #1657634

45610 Woodland Road, Suite 140
Sterling, VA 20166
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For nearly 18 years, Toni Hill has been assisting her clients in finding the path to financial independence. Her passion to educate is a driving force in her approach. Toni helps customers become more aware and promotes financial literacy so that they are better able to make intelligent financial decisions for themselves and their families. She believes that everyone deserves a great financial foundation, and a mortgage is a critical instrument in building wealth.

Toni works diligently to offer her clients the best possible loan solutions and ensure that each client obtains a carefully tailored loan program to fit his or her short and long term financial plans. Toni's goal is to provide services that demonstrate she is not merely an impersonal commodity but rather an educated, proactive individual dedicated to finding the best loan programs available.

With four generations of family members having represented each branch of the US military, Toni’s sense of patriotism and admiration for those that serve our country is ever present. Growing up in a military home, she inherited a drive for excellence from her father, a US Marine. She is proud to be a part of a family whose dedicated military service has made, and is still making, extensive contributions to our nation’s armed forces, and she has adapted their creed into her own business: honor, service, duty, excellence and teamwork. Her passion to serve the armed forces has allowed her the privilege of being able to help hundreds of military personnel and their families obtain VA financing and attain the American Dream.

Don't Overpay for Your Mortgage

All of my customers are enrolled in Mortgages Under Management, a complimentary program that brings together our experienced staff and reporting tools to make sure you have the best terms on your mortgage. My comprehensive approach begins at the planning stages of your home financing and continues throughout the entire life of your loan.

1. Mortgage Planning

Out of the gate, I'll structure your new mortgage to complement your financial plan, getting you the perfect mortgage at a great rate. I'll consider your financial goals, cash flow, retirement budget, and more - helping you understand each factor

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2. Interest Rate Locking & Monitoring

Interest rates change daily. With our Auto-Lock service, I'll help you target a competitive rate and lock it in when it becomes available. Then, I'll work with you to plan for the future by establishing a preset rate target at which a refinance can save you money.

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3. RateWatch Reporting

After your loan closes, my work doesn't end. I'll provide RateWatch Reports: quarterly mailings that compare your interest rate to the current mortgage market. You will be alerted when savings are available and always know where your mortgage stands.

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No problem. Enroll in my Mortgages Under Management program on the form at the bottom of this page. I'll "adopt your loan" by collecting the necessary information to actively manage your mortgage and alert you to its position in the marketplace.

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