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Ken Venick, CMPS, CDLP

Senior Mortgage Banker | NMLS ID #138175

15245 Shady Grove Road, Ste. 430
Rockville, MD 20850

D: 667.888.4501
C: 410.598.9410

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Almost 40% of homeowners with a mortgage do not know the interest rate on their mortgage according to We can safely say, none of those are Ken Venick’s customers. Ken built his business with a foundation of educating his customers on sound financial literacy principles to ensure they understand their loan, and how it can help them achieve their future financial goals.

Ken proudly admits all of his customers have been referred to him by previous customers or through trusted Realtors, Financial Professionals, and Attorneys he has worked with over his 30+ years in the mortgage industry. His proudest accomplishment is when the children and grandchildren of his early customers seek his help with a mortgage so he can see how he’s helped grow generational wealth time and time again.

As one of Ken’s many happy customers stated, “Ken and his staff did a great job of getting me a good rate and helping me through the process of getting a loan on my dream house. They worked with me when Rocket Mortgage wouldn’t, and we were able to meet the seller's early closing demands. If it weren’t for Ken, I’d still be renting.”

When not helping his customers, Ken also volunteers his time with non-profit work dedicated to teaching financial literacy in childhood education. If you need a loan officer who wants to see your financial goals come true, contact Ken Venick today.

Don't Overpay for Your Mortgage

All of my customers are enrolled in Mortgages Under Management, a complimentary program that brings together our experienced staff and reporting tools to make sure you have the best terms on your mortgage. My comprehensive approach begins at the planning stages of your home financing and continues throughout the entire life of your loan.

1. Mortgage Planning

Out of the gate, I'll structure your new mortgage to complement your financial plan, getting you the perfect mortgage at a great rate. I'll consider your financial goals, cash flow, retirement budget, and more - helping you understand each factor

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2. Interest Rate Locking & Monitoring

Interest rates change daily. With our Auto-Lock service, I'll help you target a competitive rate and lock it in when it becomes available. Then, I'll work with you to plan for the future by establishing a preset rate target at which a refinance can save you money.

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3. RateWatch Reporting

After your loan closes, my work doesn't end. I'll provide RateWatch Reports: quarterly mailings that compare your interest rate to the current mortgage market. You will be alerted when savings are available and always know where your mortgage stands.

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No problem. Enroll in my Mortgages Under Management program on the form at the bottom of this page. I'll "adopt your loan" by collecting the necessary information to actively manage your mortgage and alert you to its position in the marketplace.

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