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Careers advance, families grow, and priorities change. When you’re ready to buy a home that better fits your needs, Apex offers you our home financing expertise.

The perfect pair: expert guidance and free tools

Apex provides free resources and expert guidance to our borrowers. While the mortgage application process has become more involved than it once was, partnering with a prepared and experienced local lender can save hours of time and frustration. Things have changed, but we can help.  

Tackle the mortgage process with ease

  • Simplify the loan process by getting a clear picture of the documents you’ll need up front. Our printable checklist, Documents Needed for a Loan Application, will ensure preparation and organization.
  • Refresh your knowledge of home financing with our Homebuyer’s Guide. This booklet contains need-to-know information about homebuying, including a breakdown of different loan types, a glossary of mortgage terms, and details about each stage in the process.
  • Get an expert’s perspective by browsing our blogs. Our seasoned staff regularly post on topics ranging from down payment options to the merits of 15-year vs. 30-year loans.
  • Let us fill in the blanks by getting in touch with one of our Mortgage Bankers. Our staff is accessible and educated—one phone call unlocks answers to your lending questions. With some basic information, our Mortgage Bankers will help you find the best loan, determine your eligibility for money-saving programs, and set you on course to a smooth purchase transaction. 

Waiting for the perfect rate?

At Apex, we consistently monitor mortgage market to get you the perfect rate. Our Auto-Lock system was designed to lock in targeted rates in a reasonable and timely fashion, saving our clients thousands of dollars in cost-saving opportunities!

Interested in our Auto-Lock services? Complete this form and a Mortgage Banker will be in touch to officially lock in your loan! 

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