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Home Sweet HoCo: Fall Comfort Foods

Fall Comfort Foods
Welcome to our fall blog series! In #HomeSweetHoCo, we bring you weekly updates on everything Howard County has to offer in one place, distraction-free, cost-free, and born out of a love for the place we call home. This fall, we’re bringing you even more updates on HoCo’s latest and greatest, from the top pumpkin patches around to your home’s fall maintenance checklist!


When the cooler weather rolls around, so does the desire for savory, seasonal comfort foods that remind us of home. With than in mind, we’ve created a line-up of the best fall comfort foods to quell your craving and counter the frost-bite that will soon be hanging in the air!

Soups Galore

Perhaps my favorite comfort food, soup, is a staple in the fall comfort food collection.  With the amount of options you have, there is definitely a soup that will tickle your fancy, whether it be classic chicken noodle or tasty sweet potato. Personally, I’ve been making Barefoot Contessa’s tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons (pictured right), and craving this slow cooker butternut squash soup.

Sunday Night Chili

While this could technically fall under the soup category, there’s no other food that can epitomize Sunday nights in the fall than chili. Warm, spicy, and delicious, chili is the perfect food to cuddle up and watch the game with. This slow cooker chili is simple and easy, and this beef and butternut chili is an unexpected, hearty combination of flavor you won't want to miss.   

Beef it Up

If you’re looking for a comforting fall meal, look no further. Anything and everything beef is perfect for the season, especially when paired with smoky spices and a cornucopia veggies. I’m currently craving this pot roast with fall veggies, and these braised beef short ribs.

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Fall for Veggies

Between pumpkin, Brussel sprouts, and all other vegetables in season during the fall, there are so many ways to incorporate veggies into yummy main dishes, or even feature them as the main event. Roasting is the quick-and-easy cooking method for every fall veggie, but you can also try your hand at grilling and sautéing to add flare to your favorite meal. Recommendations? Try Martha Stewart’s roasted vegetable and ricotta pizza at dinnertime, or give this shaved fall vegetable salad a shot for lunch.

Tasty Treats

Who could forget the most comforting foods of all!? Baked goods are synonymous with fall, and fresh-out-of-the-oven classic pumpkin bread or quick-and-easy apple pie bites are just the ticket to tickle your sweet tooth.

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