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Home Sweet HoCo: Best Local Grocers

Untitled_design_3-1-874398-edited.pngWelcome to this week’s installment of the Home Sweet HoCo blog series! In #HomeSweetHoCo, we bring you weekly updates on everything Howard County has to offer in one place, distraction-free, cost-free, and born out of a love for the place we call home.

Supporting local businesses is one of the best things about being part of a community, and what better way to do that than to shop at local grocers? All of the following shops have only the best meats, produce, and much more! 

Boarman’s Old Fashioned Meat Market

Boarman’s sits at the intersection of Route 108 and 216 and is well known among residents as the best place to buy fresh meat. The store, although known for their meats and seafood, also has a small selection of groceries and liquors. Their great selection and top notch meats makes this market a local favorite.  

Casual Gourmet

Casual Gourmet is the perfect place to find artisan food, coffee, and teas. The store has a wide selection of gourmet cuisine, from fresh pastas to gourmet soups. In addition to their grocery options, Casual Gourmet also sells cookware, gifts, and food-to-go in their café.

David’s Natural Market

David’s Natural Market has been a Columbia staple since 1986, and it has since expanded to two other locations in Maryland. The market is focused on selling only natural merchandise, including food, beauty, and health products. Inside the market is also a café, where you can stock up on ready-to-eat items. The store offers vegetarian, vegan, and diet food options.

Roots Market

With their fresh produce, gourmet foods, and natural products, Roots is known for offering high quality organic food and products made with natural ingredients. Roots also sells prepared foods, so you can stop by for both groceries and a quick and easy meal! 

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