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Home Sweet HoCo: Best Bookstores

ThinkstockPhotos-149727985.jpgWelcome to this week’s installment of the Home Sweet HoCo blog series! In #HomeSweetHoCo, we bring you weekly updates on everything Howard County has to offer in one place, distraction-free, cost-free, and born out of a love for the place we call home.

There’s no feeling quite like when you walk into a bookstore, surrounded by thousands of volumes waiting to be read. In this week's blog, we're bringing you the best places in Howard County to track down a great story, participate in a book club, or find great deals on high quality reads!  

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble might be a nationwide bookstore, but the Howard County location is one that we hold near-and-dear to our hearts. The store is filled with books for people of all ages, and hosts many events such as book signings, book clubs, and story times. In addition to it's vast book selection, the store also sells toys, games, and has a café inside. Educators also get a discount on items for classroom use!

Books with a Past

Books with a Past is an independent bookstore with two locations in Glenwood and Historic Savage Mill. New and used books are available, and titles of all kinds of genres are sold. They offer store credit for books that you trade in, and also have tutoring and editing for a variety of subjects. The store also hosts books clubs and other events during the year!

Daedalus Books & Music

A unique kind of book store, Daedalus is a warehouse of books that are offered for up to 90% off normal retail price. Their books are often best sellers, classics, and overlooked gems that are high quality for low prices. They also sell music and DVDs at their warehouse and on their online store. Check out their picks on their website and browse their massive collections!   

Second Edition Books

Second Edition Books is a secondhand bookstore sells a wide selection of books, CDs, records, and DVDs. The store is always looking for used products, and pays cash or store credit for your good-condition books. Popular titles and bestsellers are usually available at the store, and you can always find hidden treasures!

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