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Explore Montgomery County Neighborhoods Virtually with these 5 Tools

5 Tools...

Getting to know a neighborhood during a shelter-in-place order is possible! If you’re considering a home purchase in Montgomery County, MD, these five tools can help you take a potential neighborhood for a virtual visit.

  1. Local Real Estate Agent
    Find a local real estate agent on Zillow or through your local mortgage lender. While they are bound by the law not to steer you toward one neighborhood, an experienced agent with local knowledge will listen to your needs and can help narrow your search to two or three places to consider within minutes.
  2. Google Street View
    Once your search is narrowed or you’ve found a home within a neighborhood of interest, take a virtual walk using Google Street View. This tool will allow you to see a surprising amount of detail from the comfort of your own couch – here’s how.
  3. Neighborhood Recon Websites
    A plethora of resources are available for neighborhood reconnaissance. Visit Niche, a user-driven research tool, to explore ratings for Montgomery County neighborhoods. Afterward, stop by GreatSchools to evaluate potential secondary schools, and then round things out by visiting LexisNexis’ CommunityCrimeMap to assess safety. While you’re at it, download Apex’s custom real estate report card for a look at affordability, appreciation rates and more.
  4.   MontgomeryCountyMD.Gov
    Montgomery County earned first place in 2019 Top Digital County – and now you can reap the benefits. Unlike many government sites, MoCo’s online hub is a treasure trove of valuable house hunter information. Explore historical property tax data to assess housing costs, read Paperless Airplane, the county blog, and delve into local data on housing, transportation or the community. Cap off your county close-up with a look at local attractions.
  5. Social Media
    Social distancing – meet social media. Facebook groups are fantastic for foraging or requesting unfiltered viewpoints on Montgomery County culture, community activism, or even crimewatch. Find exactly what you’re looking for by browsing specific neighborhood associations.

Equipped with these five tools, the guidance of a local mortgage banker, and a positive perspective, you can discover Montgomery County neighborhoods from the comfort of your own home. Power up, prepare your favorite snack and give us a call to connect you with a local real estate agent.

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