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Low Down Payment Home Loan Programs for Doctors, Dentists and Vets



Are you a doctor looking for a great home loan program? At Apex Home Loans we have the perfect fit. The purpose of our Doctor home loan program is to help doctors, specialty doctors, and dentists more easily secure financing to buy or refinance a home. This program allows you to avoid paying mortgage insurance with down payments as low as 10%. Additionally, your monthly student loan payments are not counted in your debt factor, which can help you get better loan terms, and help you qualify to buy homes that you may not have qualified for otherwise.

If you don’t want to put down 10%, you need not worry, as this loan allows you to put as little as 5% down, as long as it is your own money. Any amount over 5% down payment can be used as a gift from a relative or spouse. To qualify for this loan program, it is required that at least 50% of the income is earned by the doctor qualifying on the loan application, but co-applicants are allowed.

This loan is eligible for all medical doctors (including DO’s), dentists, dental surgeons and veterinarians, actively practicing and within 10 years of completing residency or fellowship. Newly licensed residents who are currently in residency or fellowship, or students who will start new employment or residency within 60 days of closing.

The minimum loan amount for our doctor program is $200,000 and the max is $2,000,000. This loan program allows for a fixed period of 5, 7, or 10 years, as this program is an ARM product amortized over 30 years with no pre-payment penalties. It also allows a debt to income ratio as high as 43% with 10% down, and 40% with 5% down.

Another great feature is you can own other property and still get this great new home loan if you can qualify while carrying the other mortgage. Finally, this home loan program can be used for single family homes, townhouses, eligible condos, and co-ops. The property can also be a 2-unit home, but you cannot use the rental income to qualify for the home loan. If you want to find out more about how Apex can empower you to get a great rate and low down payment, even if you have a lot of student loan debt then contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you get the financing for the home you want.

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