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Discovering MoCo: Best Coffee Shops & Bakeries

Best Coffee Shops & Bakeries

Welcome to the blog series dedicated to everything Montgomery County! #DiscoveringMoCo is our fall series featuring places to wine, dine, and have a good time. Look out for a new post every Friday!

 A quality cup of coffee can be the epitome of fall. Whether you crave a pumpkin spiced latte, chile mocha, or caramel apple macchiatto, hot drinks like these can truly bring the autumnal flavor that sum up the season. And we all know what they’ll be paired with on most occasions — PASTRIES! If you still have a sweet tooth after all that Halloween candy, give these Montgomery County bakeries and coffee shops a try!

 La Bohemia Bakery

La Bohemia Bakery is a European artisan bakery located on Wilkins Court in Rockville. Year-round they serve pastries, cakes, baked goods, and sandwiches. Pair one of these delicious goods with an espresso or cappuccino, and you'll leave feeling satisfied!


An Italian food and espresso bar, CremCafe is known for its signature cappuccino and freshly baked pastries. They are locally-owned right here in Rockville and opened in 2012. Latte Macchiato, Cafe Latte, Mocha, and Brewed Cafe are some of the coffee menu options that are perfect for the fall season!


Starbucks is proof that ubiquity does not always mean poor quality. Not only do they have great coffee that is worth standing in long lines for, but they also have a variety of pastries that make for a great breakfast. Next time you're in, grab a slice of the lemon pound cake – you won't be disappointed! Find a Starbucks on any corner!

The Last Crumb of Cake

If you're looking specifically for cakes, cupcakes, or cake pops, this is the spot! In Gaithersburg, The Last Crumb of Cake specializes in achieving delicious flavors and customizing the cake for their clients’ needs. Baby showers, weddings, and holidays are just some of the special occasions for which they make cakes and cupcakes.

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