Posted by Julia Menton ● June 21, 2016

Celebrate Anyone’s New Digs with These 7 Housewarming Gift Ideas


Receiving a housewarming gift is a great feeling, but getting a housewarming gift that you’ll actually use (and like!) is much better. The most thoughtful gifts are often those that help new homeowners transition into their homes—items that they may not buy for themselves. Whether you’re attending a housewarming party or are just plain friendly, these seven clever gifts will be a hit with new homeowners!

1. A QR Code

This is a more unique idea: gifting a QR code reader for the wifi password. We all known how much of a pain it is to ask someone for their wifi password, so gifting a QR code is a fun and useful idea for a new homeowner. You also don’t have to worry about someone gifting the same thing!

Learn how to make a QR code here.

2. A Strong Bottle Opener

Who doesn’t need a reliable bottle opener? Nothing says bummer like scrambling to open a bottle of wine at the end of a long day, so this gift will surely be appreciated.

Our pick: Rabbit Wine Opener ($23.99)

3. A Personalized Cutting Board

Perfect for entertaining, a personalized cutting board gives a fun touch to a simple item. It can be used for display in the kitchen, and also for prepping food. It’s a win-win.

Our pick: Stamp Monogram Cutting Board ($29)

4. A Recipe Box

Especially relevant for first-time homeowners, a recipe box easily organizes all of their favorite recipes in one spot. With so many design options out there, you can find one that will suit their tastes and serve as a piece of decor.

Our pick: Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box with Dividers and Recipe Cards ($34)

5. Starter Supply of Coffee

Every home needs coffee, so why not make sure they have some to start off with? Throw in some specialty creamer and biscotti with your favorite coffee and you’re set!

Our pick: Starbucks Coffee and Cocoa Kit ($43.04)

6. DIY Welcome Home Jar

With the stress of moving, we sometimes forget to have some of the most basic home necessities on hand. Crafting your own “Welcome Home” jar with household necessities like Goo Gone, furniture pads, and Krazy Glue will be a hit with new homeowners!

Our pick: a simple how-to from Oh Happy Day

7. A Homemade Meal

This one is a classic: make your favorite meal for your friends to enjoy, or give this gift a twist by providing a basket with a dinner recipe and ingredients for them to make. Maybe throw in a bottle of wine for a job well done!

Our pick: DIY Spaghetti Dinner Kit via Nurse Frugal

Give Yourself the Gift of Homeownership

Are you ready to get your own housewarming gifts? There are few experiences as exciting as moving into your own place! Apply online today, or request a copy of our Homebuyer's Guide to learn everything you need to know about the process.

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