Posted by Craig Meaney ● March 20, 2017

5 Spring Cleaning Tips Guaranteed to Clear Your Mind

Spring Cleaning Tips

The first *official* day of spring has arrived, and you know what that means: cleaning time! Clearing away the dust and clutter in anticipation of warmth can be therapeutic  as they say, tidy house, tidy mind — so we round up five tips we guarantee will help you conquer spring cleaning and emerge revitalized for the blossoming season ahead. Enjoy!

1. Spruce Up the Exterior

For homeowners, keeping your deck, yard, garage, and grounds in order has two key benefits. On the one hand, it gives you a bit of added joy every time you approach the driveway; and on the other, it makes life a lot easier should you ever decide to sell. So, what's the easiest way to maintain your perfect property? Simple, you'll just need the right tools for the job, like a power washer, stiff bristle broom, and pumice stone.

2. Clean the Interior Floor-to-Ceiling

With a whole home to clean, where to start? Dusting, of course! This word might not bring you pure joy, but these tips for making it easy sure will. Once you finish that step, tend to the windows, and tackle the rest of your home room by room. Do the whole thing in a day with the help of this timed checklist from (You get a mop! And you get a mop!). And finally, give us a call when you reach the "Order a Pizza" step!  

3. Donate Unwanted Clothes to a Local Nonprofit

While you're changing out your warm clothes for cool ones, don't forget to set aside unwanted or unused attire for local nonprofits. Organizations like A Wider Circle in Silver Spring accept professional attire for their wonderful Professional Development Program, which helps prepare individuals entering the workforce.

4. Organize Your Home

Now that your house is clean inside and out, it's time to get organized! Clear the clutter room by room by gearing up with drawer organizers, storage cubes, and closet racks (find some great recommendations here). Then, try out some of these sneaky methods for getting specific rooms, drawers, and closets in order. Farewell, junk drawer!

5. Prepare to Enjoy Warm Weather

Whatever your ideal warm-weather activity is, take the opportunity now to gear up for it! Break out the patio furniture, clean up the fire pit, and prepare the garden so that you'll be all set once the warm weather is in full swing. Once you're finished with that, plan your ideal outing by checking out the top outdoor activities in Maryland! Our vote? Set sail on the Chesapeake, and then end the day with a crab feast at Cantlers, which we do as a company every year!

As always, we hope you'll keep Apex Home Loans in mind for all of your new beginnings, whether buying, selling, or refinancing to make the most of your home. Happy Cleaning!


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