Posted by Craig Meaney & Thomas Moody ● October 16, 2017

4 Things Loan Officers Must Consider When Choosing a Workplace

choosing a workplace

Are you a Loan Officer new to the industry who wants to love the mortgage company you choose to work for? Make sure these areas are covered! Maybe you’ve been with the same company for a couple years now, and are considering making a switch. Here are some super helpful aspects of your prospective employer to consider.

1. Culture

You’ll want a culture where fun, appreciation, and community are non-negotiables. When you like who you’re working with, you tend to be more fulfilled.

2. Outstanding Operational Support

Make sure that the company you choose has an infrastructure that fits the way you work. While some companies retain complete in-house control over the underwriting, processing, closing, and funding of their customers' loans, others may outsource some of these elements, which can pose communication challenges. Consider your comfort level and communication preference when evaluating a lender's infrastructure. 

3. A Commitment to Success

Do you feel, wholeheartedly, that you understand your organization's larger mission -- and that you're a key part of it? That's the goal -- and your company should maintain the clarity of their mission, vision of the future, and values. 

4. Coaching & Team Training

Your company should always maintain an undercurrent of expert perspective to help you sharpen your business strategy. Always ask about the system they have in place to keep you learning, adapting, and ahead of the market.

Bottom Line

In order to support Loan Officers with everything they need, the company you choose should have built a framework that keeps business flowing smoothly. These are a few of the areas where they should have made investments and how they could help you advance your career, grow your business, and lead a more fulfilling professional life. Want to learn how Apex stacks up in these areas? Click the image below.

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