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Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS)

Why You Need a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

Apex Home Loans believes in the value the CMPS designation brings in helping us properly advise our valued customers on their mortgage options.

Why do you need a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist?

  • CMPS professionals have demonstrated financial knowledge and expertise regarding the tax and financial planning implications of various mortgage and real estate investment strategies. Therefore, CMPS professionals can better advise you in several areas outlined below.
    • CMPS professionals are trained to help you increase your cash flow
    • CMPS professionals are skilled in helping you become debt free sooner and achieve true financial freedom
    • CMPS professionals are equipped to help you profitably invest in real estate and protect you from mortgage and real estate investment scams

There is so much more that a CMPS can offer. To learn more, complete our form and a CMPS will contact you.

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